You probably don’t need me to tell you that Reindog is quietly one of the best support class characters in MultiVersus, do you? Between his tether that just piles on the damage to anyone caught in the middle and his control of the battlefield with tricky little projectiles, he’s a half-reindeer, half-canine force to be reckoned with.

So, to that end, you want to make him look the part whenever you use him. Luckily for you, as of August 23, you’ll be able to claim a free in-game MVP Pack that features the Battle Reindog variant (which sees the adorable hybrid animal don armour and a little neckerchief) as well as the Waterfall Banner, and the Dark Matter Ringout Effect.

This pack was previously excluisve to PS+ users over on the PlayStation side of things, but it seems as we’ve moved from July to August, the freebie has flipped platforms, too.

You can take a look at what’s on offer in this pack below:

Stand proud, doggo!

How to claim MVP Multiverus Pack for Xbox Game Pass

You will be able to claim the pack via Ultimate Perks later this month (August 23).

To do this, you can boot your console, scroll down the home page until you find the Game Pass menu. Enter, find the “Perks” tab, and then scroll through until you find the MVP pack (and you may as well grab what else you need whilst you’re there, too). Simply hit claim, follow the prompts in the Microsoft Store, and you’ll be able to add the three items in the pack to your MultiVersus account.

If you’re a PC player, boot the Xbox app on your PC, find the Game Pass tab in the top left, and open the menu to find Perks. Claim what you want, then redeem in the Microsoft Store.

You can also do it all on your phone: boot the Xbox Game Pass app on your device, click your profile, and clock all the Perks at the top of the page. Select which you want, hit claim, and follow the prompts.

Custom header for reindog multiversus guide

If you’re going to get into Reindog, you’re probably going to want to check out our MultiVersus Reindog guide for combos, strategies, and matchups you should know when playing the adorable support character.

Just be cautious around the Harley Quinns and Finns of the world if you’re playing as him, and make the most of his ranged pressure and ability to buff and snatch allies if you want to make playing as him worth your while.

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