The Lies of P gameplay reveal from earlier in the week at gamescom’s Opening Night Live was one of the show’s highlights. Fans of Bloodborne, in particular, went through it frame-by-frame, dissecting it to see how much resembles FromSoftware’s unmatched title.

While what we got was fairly brief in the grand scheme of things, there is a longer demo available to some at gamescom. Watching curated clips is one thing, but the longer, unedited walkthroughs are where it’s at.

The video above, from IGN, offers just that: 12 minutes of uncut gameplay of the show demo. The Bloodborne inspirations are immediately visible; from the era the game takes place in, to the architecture and layout of the place.

The UI is very Souls-like, with distinct bars for HP and stamina, and a weapon and item menu in lower left corner. Even the damage numbers, status effect meters, lantern-like checkpoints and general look are all very much Bloodborne-inspired.

The FromSoft game had a unique health-regain mechanic that allowed players to get back some of their lost health if they managed to land a hit on an enemy quickly after getting hit themselves. Lies of P has a similar mechanic, but it appears to only trigger after blocking or parrying an attack.

The off-hand tools are the more interesting aspect seen in the video. These attach to the character’s left arm, and range from grappling hook-style ropes to a cannon that send out an electric shock. There looks to be a decent enemy variety in the demo, and the player even runs into a boss and a mini-boss along the way.

My only issue with the video is that the sound is echoey, but that could just be a problem with the capture setup rather than the game itself. Overall, this is looking very promising, even beyond its Bloodborne aspirations.

Lies of P drops in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/s.

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