One of the briefer — but nonetheless exciting — games shown off during Gamescom early this week was Marauders. This multiplayer survival looter FPS has you venture out into space to scavenge for supplies, fending off other players as you try your best to make off with a nice haul.

Releasing into Steam Early Access in October 2022, players keen to jump in even earlier can take part in a series of technical tests during September between September 6-14. More information on these tests will be present on the official Marauders developer blog.


Narrative-wise, it’s got an interesting premise. The game is set in an alternative 1980s where World War 1 never ended. As a result the world has been over-industrialised to near destruction, forcing some to venture out to space as a better alternative to the war-torn world below.

It’s all about navigating around in treacherous locations and hunting down supplies either on your own or with up to three other like-minded pals. With the loot you gain, you can craft new weapons and equipment, and salvage valuable materials to last in the cold expanse of space.

The game very much seems to follow a base formula established by Escape from Tarkov, albeit with some unique aspects such as upgradable spaceships and dogfighting. According to the official press release post-gamescom opening night live, you can upgrade the armaments on your ship before using them to shoot down and tear parts and valuables off other’s vessels.

What are you thoughts on Marauders? Does it look like something you’d be keen on playing? Let us know below!

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