Developer of Phasmophobia, Kinetic Games, is no stranger to updates and keeping players in the loop regarding them. The ghost-hunting game has been in Early Access for almost two years now, and it continues to get better each month as Kinetic liaises with its community.

That said, Kinetic has listened once more to the thoughts and feedback of players and will soon be introducing a Custom Difficulty update to Phasmophobia.

Remember when Phasmophobia first released? It looks and feels a lot different now!

The previous roadmap shared for Phasmophobia didn’t go so swimmingly, but not so much so that players were in turmoil over it. Kinetic says in their latest development preview via Steam, “Things didn’t exactly go to plan! Originally the VR overhaul was planned to release earlier than April, allowing us to get knee-deep into Custom Difficulty’s development. As it took longer, we pushed Custom back a couple of months and gave the community three smaller patches of content to fill the gap in content.”

The developer continues, “This roadmap now more accurately represents what we achieved this year, and what we plan to do moving forwards. We want to be transparent and realistic in our plans to make sure we don’t have to delay things in the future or force mini updates to fill gaps.”

While there were a few delays along the way, Kinetic has provided a fresh, new roadmap for Phasmophobia. This shows that players can expect the Custom Difficulty update to arrive this month, a URP Upgrade during Q4 of 2022, with more progression updates, new locations, and even more new equipment arriving in 2023.

The Phasmophobia roadmap for 2022 onwards
This is the all-new Phasmophobia roadmap of what’s to come for the game.

What the Custom Difficulty update will contain is yet to be confirmed. However, the previous roadmap shows that players will be able to customise their games to their hearts’ content, near enough. You’ll be able to choose how much evidence must be given, determine the ghost interaction rate, set how effective sanity pills are, change the weather, disable flashlights, adjust the duration of the hunt, and more.

Not only is this a great way of making Phasmophobia more approachable to those who would rather be prepared for what’s to come, making the experience a little less frightful, but it also adds new options for Phasmophobia veterans to amp up the challenge.

I certainly look forward to seeing just how difficult a game of Phasmophobia can get, but I must say, you won’t catch me going anywhere near a Phasmophobia game that doesn’t let me use my flashlight. What do you think of the upcoming Custom Difficulty update, and will you be trying it out?

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