Deltarune, the episodic pixel-art RPG from beloved creator Toby Fox, won’t have a new chapter release this year. This information comes straight from the creator himself, who posted an update on Twitter conveying the news to his 1.3 million followers.

While this is of course sad news for those eager to experience more Deltarune as soon as possible, there’s some chaser good news that you can swallow. With the one-year anniversary of Deltarune chapter 2 coming up soon, Toby Fox has teased something special next week.

As far as we know, development on Deltarune continues to go smoothly, with Toby Fox posting as much back in May and stating: “I’m getting more and more people to help recently, I have good feelings about it”, something that’s obviously great to see for fans of Fox’s continued output.

This is also a more welcome development than what we got back in 2020 with Toby Fox announcing physical strain on his wrists and hands was slowing down development. With more staff on board and a healthily paced release schedule, it seems as though things have improved substantially thanks to having more hands on deck.

Not played Deltarune yet? Check out the spoiler-free trailer for the first chapter here!

Deltarune, against all odds, has managed to follow up the groundbreaking RPG Undertale, carrying on a legacy of particular humour and a sophisticated blend of gameplay and player subversion. It’s shaping up to be a banger, which goes a long way in making the wait for future chapters a tad less painful — waiting for a great thing is fine by me!

But what do you think? How excited are you for more Deltarune, and what do you think next week’s surprise will be? Let us know below!

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