A veteran player of Pokemon GO celebrates their achievement of finally making it to level 40 after 6 years of catching and training Pokemon.

A player of Pokemon GO, the popular mobile game by Niantic Inc, recently shared that they finally made it to level 40 after 6 years of playing. Although there are cases for why the level max should be raised, reaching level 40 is still a reason to celebrate among the Pokemon GO community.

From the mobile game’s creation in 2016 all the way to 2020, the level system was capped at 40. Even though the current cap is set to level 50, it is still a recognizable feat for a player to reach level 40 in the game. It is a long grind to gain levels, with many players not knowing how to begin leveling up in Pokemon GO. However, one player took to the internet to celebrate finally reaching level 40 after 6 years of playing.


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The 6-year completion time insinuates that Reddit user, Nightcrawleronreddit, has been active on Pokemon GO since its launch day on mobile app stores. Nightcrawleronreddit celebrated by stating that they would like to thank their buddies for “knocking back poke balls.” Players on the Reddit thread shared their congratulations, as well as their own levels, with one still being stuck on level 39 even though they’ve also been playing since launch day. Others noted that it was much easier to level up now versus when the game first came out, with items like candies and Rare Candy XLs that are able to help level up Pokemon.

Despite the amount of time it takes to level a trainer up, the mobile game has kept players happy and active by various means, including multiple events, special occasions, and introducing new Pokemon. There is always something to do in the game, and with the Pokemon GO Season of Light that just started, players will have the opportunity to complete new special research tasks including a chance to encounter a legendary Pokemon.

With multiple available activities, some changing with the season, Pokemon GO is a great mobile game that is able to retain players time and time again. Niantic Inc recognized this popularity and sought to create Pokemon GO clones of other franchises, and have successfully done so with the production of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and even a recently introduced Marvel based game. Despite the clones that have come out since, these games may only be as popular as their IPs among the general audience, and as a result, Pokemon GO continues to attract players.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile.

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