Scorn is shaping up to be one of the most interesting indie horror games of this generation, and some new footage teases what players will encounter.

Another eight minutes of the upcoming horror game Scorn have been revealed, giving a glimpse into the dark world that’s being created by Ebb Software. As of right now, fans of all things scary have much to look forward to, especially with Halloween coming up. The Resident Evil Village DLC is coming in October, being shipped with the Gold Edition of the game, and there are other AAA releases due out like the remakes of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4.


The indie scene appears to be just as thriving with upcoming titles as the mainstream market. For those who are perhaps less familiar, Scorn is a body horror game inspired by H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. It’s been in development for several years, with the studio originally announcing it back in 2014, so fans who have been keeping their eye on it have been waiting a long time. But at least now there’s a release date, with the game set to launch on October 21, right on schedule for the spooky period.

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There have also been quite a lot of clips and artwork shown over the years, and this latest video appears to be the most recent Scorn teaser. This new gameplay footage takes the viewer through the prologue of the upcoming release. Fans are treated to some of the gorgeously grotesque interiors, which will likely make many think of things like the first Alien film or Movie Game Lunarium’s psychosexual horror title Lust From Beyond. While Scorn certainly looks creepy and a little gross, it will allegedly not put a lot of emphasis on cheap jump scares, focusing more on environmental storytelling and puzzle solving.

However, a video uploaded to Twitter a few months back does show that Scorn players will still have to fight monsters, even utilizing projectile weaponry, albeit still fitting the Giger aesthetic. In essence, for anyone who’s in the mood for a grotesque experience with a distinctive art style and less focus on jump scares, Ebb Software’s title will be an interesting contribution to the indie scene.

In fact, despite it not being a mainstream release, it’s considered to be one of the most anticipated games of this fall, not just in the horror genre, sitting alongside the likes of God of War Ragnarok and its horror contemporary The Callisto Protocol. Footage that has been shown off is really starting to whet the appetite of a lot of fans, especially those who have been waiting years for the game to come out.

Scorn is set to be released on October 21 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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