Overwatch 2‘s First Time User Experience will require players to play approximately 100 matches to unlock all the heroes from the original game. Overwatch 2 is shifting Blizzard’s hero-shooter from being a premium product to a free-to-play experience, and that will undoubtedly see an influx of new players who have never tried the game before. These players will be joining a game that’s effectively had six years of new content updates, and so it’s safe to say that some might be overwhelmed by it all.


As a way to slowly integrate new players to the Overwatch experience, Overwatch 2 will be implementing a First Time User Experience. Those who are new to Overwatch will be restricted when it comes to the game modes, heroes, and chatting capabilities they’ll have at their disposal. After about 100 matches, brand-new players should be able to unlock the full Overwatch 2 experience, which will include all the heroes from the original game.

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This news may worry those who were hoping to join their veteran Overwatch friends in matches come Overwatch 2‘s early access release date on October 4, but Blizzard has said that most of the restrictions are lifted while playing in a group. The exception to this would be Competitive Play, which will now require players to win a 50 Quick Play matches if they want to unlock it. The previous requirement was for players to hit level 25.

The reason why Overwatch 2 requires players to win 50 Quick Play matches instead of reaching level 25 is because the sequel is getting away with levels entirely. Instead of Overwatch 2 players leveling up their account, they instead level up a Battle Pass each season. Another reason is that requiring players to win 50 Quick Play matches will ensure that the Competitive Play pool will only consist of players who have genuinely put time into the game and earning victories.

This roadblock to Competitive Play in Overwatch 2 will also allow Blizzard to discourage players from engaging in “disruptive behavior” and cheating. So now if an Overwatch 2 player is banned for cheating, for example, they will not be able to return to Competitive Play until they’ve gone through the entire First Time User Experience and won 50 Quick Play matches again on their new account.

Of course, those who have already played the first Overwatch game will not have to worry about going through the First Time User Experience.

Overwatch 2 launches in early access on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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