Given the massive amount of popularity the Resident Evil franchise holds, many will agree with Capcom’s recent decisions to remake each of its main titles. Some fans have been left frustrated with Capcom choosing to remake Resident Evil 4 rather than Resident Evil Code Veronica, with the studio making it clear that it isn’t completely out of the equation of possibility.

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Despite the chances of Code Veronica being remade or not, there remains Resident Evil 5 which stands as the best-selling Resident Evil title, and whilst many fans may not prefer 5 due to its drastic turn toward an action-orientated tone, a remake could involve many changes that could improve its overall reception.


5/5 RE Engine

Chris and Rose

With Resident Evil 5 released four years after its predecessor in 2009, the differences between the game’s mechanics, gameplay features, and graphical prowess were much less advanced compared to the current RE Engine Capcom has used for a large majority of recent titles. These include Resident Evil itself, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, and the recent Monster Hunter Rise.

Seeing Resident Evil 5 remade, using new character models, revamped environments, and gameplay features will give many fans an incentive to experience the game. Not only will a remake potentially come with differences in character motions and introduce a new feel in enemy encounters as the Resident Evil 4 Remake appears to have done, but it also opens the door for Capcom to redefine Chris Redfield’s model to look closer to the one from Resident Evil Village.

4/5 Revisiting Scrapped Ideas

Early version

When looking at some of the game’s early concept art with some of its enemy designs and gameplay trailers, it appeared as though Resident Evil 5 was originally going to opt for a more survival horror focus. This would have been more akin to Resident Evil 4 where players are left on their own to survive through hordes of enemies, and the after the addition of Sheva and co-op, the overwhelming feel slightly decreased.

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In light of a remake genuinely going ahead, the chances of Sheva being pulled from the title are very unlikely, but this would not completely alleviate the opportunity for Capcom to heighten tension, and make enemies more terrifying and aggressive than ever before. Decreasing the amount of accessible ammo, increasing enemy numbers, and introducing narrow spaces will certainly adhere closer toward what fans had initially believed they were going to get.

3/5 Change Of Tone

Early version gameplay

Speaking of scrapped content, some of the gameplay sections featured within early versions capture some of the more terrifying aspects of Resident Evil 5, with a plethora of enemies at hand to deal with. This fit more of a horror tone and was completely different from the final version of the game, with Chris having a smaller physical build, and being alone on his mission. Whilst some action was still present, it appeared as though the intensity was much higher than it is now.

With the discussion of a remake in the works, a change in tone to fit more of the classic survival horror the franchise is known for while maintaining action features with it overshadowing the change in tone will be beneficial for all Resident Evil fans, as this would mean players will be able to experience two different versions of the title.

2/5 New Story Elements

Chris in Village

As the most recent title Resident Evil Village plays a pivotal role in the overarching story of the franchise with Mother Miranda being one of the direct causes of the entire story, there is an opportunity for Capcom to expand on this through extra addition to Oswell Spencer’s flashbacks. Not only could this help toward adding more to the game’s story, but it can also hint at what lies next for the rumored Resident Evil 9.

With the Shadows Of Rose DLC for Village spelling an end to Ethan and Rose’s story and Capcom’s confirmation of the next title moving away from the two characters, a Resident Evil 5 remake could be the perfect initiation for a new story. Assuming it will follow Chris’ journey once again, many fans will feel that it is the best way to set up a sequel to 8.

1/5 Full Circle Of Remakes


Overall, a remake of 5 will allow the franchise to edge closer to completing all of the main titles being revisited. Given how poorly received Resident Evil 6 was from most fans considering its full focus on action set pieces and straying away from its survival horror roots, Capcom could decide to leave this out completely. As recent titles such as 7 and 8 won’t be touched in this aspect, this would leave 6 and all of the other Resident Evil unnumbered projects left to be redone.

As of now, Capcom’s focus remains heavy on the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6, Dragon’s Dogma, and many other titles. Whilst development for Resident Evil 5 may secretly be underway, fans should not expect to see this any time soon.

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