March 21, 2023

What’s clear is many of McCarthy’s doubters made out quite well as committee posts were doled out, but it wasn’t entirely equal. Donalds and Roy are among the clearest victors: The Texan now has a pivotal role in shaping how legislation hits the House floor through his Rules Committee perch, while also playing a central role on two panels — Judiciary and the special new “Weaponization” of the federal government subpanel — that function as the vanguard of the GOP oversight agenda.

Other anti-McCarthy conservatives, like Miller, Gaetz and Rosendale, retained their past committee assignments; some freshmen in their camp, meanwhile, like Self, Crane and Breechen, landed on panels that typically have a harder time getting national attention.

And of course, the 21 rebels scored victories beyond their committee assignments, such as the restoration of a single member’s ability to force a vote on deposing a speaker (what’s known as a “motion to vacate” in Congress-speak). Taken together, not since the rise of the tea party movement in 2010 has the House’s right flank been set up this well to wield real power in the chamber — positioned to have real influence over which bills hit the floor and with slots on committees likely to result in national exposure.

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